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Tuesday, September 29,  2015 from 6-9pm 


The DSD Concept: Interdisciplinary and Patient Communication on Esthetic Dentistry

Presented by: Brian M. O’Neill, DDS

Harbor Light Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, Inc.

       Location: Hilton Garden Inn, Levis Commons, Perrysburg, Ohio

          CEU: 3 lecture hours (NO CHARGE)

Course Description

The Digital Smile Design (DSD) concept is the next level of team communication and treatment planning in dentistry. Pioneered by Dr. Christian Coachman, the DSD concept is designed to prepare you to delight your patients, bring your smile design skills to the next level, consistently increase your case acceptance and prepare yourself for the world of digital dentistry! The goal is to design a smile that fits the patients functional, esthetic and emotional needs buy improving the team communication and creating real interdisciplinary treatment plan. Also increasing case acceptance is paramount by utilizing visual communication, balancing the patients expectation and increasing motivation. Modern techniques and materials can be useless if the final outcome doesn’t achieve the patient esthetic desires. Emphasis will be given to the utilization of digital tools to enhance and facilitate the team work and communication with the patient. The protocol proposed will improve the diagnosis, communication and predictability of esthetic rehabilitations, from simple to complex cases, combining veneers, crowns and implants.


Course Objectives:

  • Understand the importance of facial analysis, the key for ideal smile design.
  • Interdisciplinary communication tools.
  • Easy and effective digital photography protocol.
  • The role of Mock-ups and Wax-ups to improve the Smile Design process.
  • Improving the Dentist/Patient communication.
  • Digital tools to improve the Dentist/Technician communication.
  • The digital Smile Design Concept (DSD) 

Tuesday, October 27,  2015 from 6-9pm 

Emerging Concepts in Periodontitis and Overall Health –

Separating Fact from Fiction

Presented by: Dianne Glasscoe Watterson, RDH, BS, MBA

with generous support from Premier Dental 

       Location: Hilton Garden Inn, Levis Commons, Perrysburg, Ohio

          CEU: 3 lecture hours

Course Description

For many years, medical and dental clinicians have treated the oral cavity as if it is a separate entity from the rest of the body.  However, oral health is part of systemic health. Inflammation and infections in the oral cavity are not confined to the mouth and can affect other areas of the human body.  A growing body of evidence points to a wide array of systemic disturbances that are associated with periodontitis.  Some associations are controversial.  How strong is the evidence?  What can we believe?  This course examines the evidence associated with the effects of periodontitis on non-oral distant sites and disease processes.  We also examine various systemic diseases and medications that have a direct impact on oral health, as well as the role of diet in disease progression.


Course Objectives:

  • To understand how study design affects study strength
  • To increase knowledge about many systemic diseases that have oral implications
  • To learn the latest information about the association of periodontal disease and non-oral disease
  • To understand the role of diet in the disease process

Tuesday, November 10,  2015 from 6-9pm 

Aligning your Instrumentation Skills

and Preserving your Professional Career

Presented by: Lillian Caperila

Manager and Professional Educator Premier Dental Products Co.

       Location: Hilton Garden Inn, Levis Commons, Perrysburg, Ohio

          CEU: 3 lecture hours

Course Objectives

  •        Identification of risks associated with dental hygiene positioning, instrument selection and repetitive         procedures
  •        Create a check-off list of improvements made in clinical practice that reduce risks affiliated with                     muscular-skeletal disorders and chronic diseases
  •        Review of up-to-date diagnostic and debridement instruments
  •        Discuss appropriate selection of instruments based on patient case profile and disease status
  •       Differentiate between instruments which require sharpening and those which are marketed as non-            sharpening or special blade technology
  •        Review of instrumentation for implant maintenance cases


To register, cancel or for any further information regarding the 2015-2016 Study Club and upcoming CEU Events, please e-mail Dr. O’Neill at boneill@oralmaxsurgeons.com or call 419-517-2135.